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1 month ago

Vote Yes on Nov. 2nd to the Green Amendment to the NYS Constitution! The proposed language reads as follows:

“Environmental rights. Each person shall have a right to clean air and water, and a healthful environment.”

As articulated in the attached article, the amendment provides a private cause of action that allows individuals who are impacted by environmental issues to file suit to remedy unprecedented and evolving environment harms, filling holes in current environmental laws (e.g., emerging contaminants and climate change challenges; see Hoosick falls, NY)

Unfortunately, tabloids 📰 such as the NY Post have raised unfounded concerns about litigation “overwhelming” the system. Although green amendments in others states have not led to such litigation, this has not stopped prognosticators from raising this specter.

Don’t be fooled—this is important for NYers and you deserve affirmative constitutional rights.

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