Community, Cooperation, & Education

  • Garden Hours:
    In compliance with Town Park Regulations: sunrise to sunset.
    Growing season is generally from April 1st through the end of November.
  • Planting and Fertilizing Rules
    1. Only organic pesticides or fertilizers allowed: Gateway Garden is an organic vegetable garden.
      Use compost or other natural materials to keep your garden fertile. If you want to use products such as fertilizers and pesticides we only permit products that are labeled for organic vegetable gardening.
    2. Planting: 80% of bed needs to be planted with plants that are generally considered food. This includes vegetables and fruits, & legumes. You may grow some flowers such as those that discourage pests,
      are edible, and/or attract pollinators and birds. Herbs and Flowers may not occupy more than
      20% of a gardener’s bed.
    3. Potential Invasive (Self Propagating) Plants: These types of plants, although for some may
      be food, are not permitted in the pathways and not allowed to go to flower if grown in your bed.
      All such plants need to be kept trimmed back or they will be cut back or removed by volunteers. Examples of these invasive plants are: Roman, Scentless and False Chamomile, Mint, Lemon Balm, Lamb’s quarters, and Amaranth.
    4. Insect Control: If a gardener has noticed or is informed by the Horticultural Committee that they have an uncontrolled insect problem, they MUST remove or successfully treat affected plants immediately.
      If not fixed said plants will be removed by volunteers and gardener will receive a warning letter.
  • Assignment of and retention of your garden bed:
    1. Gardeners must commit 3 hours per month, which is 24 hours during the entire growing season beginning in April and going through November, to the general maintenance of the Garden, not including your own bed & pathways. All gardeners, unless otherwise excused, must satisfy the requirement to remain in good standing.
    2. If you are incapable of meeting this 3 hour monthly commitment then we must request a $30 minimum contribution to offset the cost to the garden to pay others to maintain the communal areas.
      (This Does Not Apply to the LIC Veteran beds. They must volunteer time.)
    3. Beds will be assigned by the Membership Committee. Gardeners may not reassign their bed to anyone. Reassignment follows the waiting list order.
    4. Individual beds must be cleaned and ready to plant by May 15th. All beds that have not been worked on by May 31st will be reassigned.
    5. Garden beds are monitored by the Bed Monitoring Committee. Beds that are not planted and/or full of weeds (including surrounding pathways) will receive a “Check-Up Call”. Failure to remedy the bed’s condition within 14 days will result in the loss of the bed; this will be strictly enforced.
    6. Notify the Membership Committee if you are not able to tend your garden, will be absent for a long period of time, or have asked a friend to tend your garden.
    7. Growing corn and other tall plants is not allowed, as they create too much shade.
  • Vandalism & Theft:
    1. Gardeners will harvest only from their own Garden Bed.
    2. Taking tools is considered theft and you will lose your garden bed.
    3. Help us discourage losses by questioning unfamiliar faces politely.
  • No dogs are permitted in the garden.
  • Children/minors:
    Children are always welcome and encouraged to participate in the garden programs. Parents are responsible for the actions of all minors.
  • Tools and Shed:
    1. Tools and watering equipment are available. Tools need to be cleaned and put away in the shed.
    2. Please keep the shed tidy. Keep in mind that there will be other gardeners who will follow you.
      This includes children, so make sure things are safe.
    3. Make sure all faucets are off when you leave and the shed is LOCKED.
  • Waste Management:
    1. Trash pick-up along Lowndes Avenue is scheduled for early evenings on Monday-Saturday. Recyclables are picked up along Lowndes Avenue on Wednesday mornings. Bring full cans/barrels/recycle bins to the curb, near the mailbox. Additionally, cans/barrels/recycle bins need to be brought in after pick-up.
    2. No debris of any kind should be left on the property.
    3. Do not mix garbage with recyclable items. Please check to be sure that the recyclable items have the recycle triangle mark before tossing then into the recycling container. Some seedling pots are NOT recyclable and every attempt should be made to re-use these.
    4. Compostable (no insect infestation) plant material should be placed on one of the compost piles.
    5. Insect-infested plant material needs to be bagged and placed in the Garbage Cans along Lowndes Ave.
  • Donation Harvesting:
    1. Once a week on Tuesday evenings, produce is harvested and donated to a local food charity. Beds that appear to have been untended will be harvested by the Donation Committee.
    2. Gardeners who do not want their bed to be harvested for donation must place a red flag in their bed; make sure it is easily visible.
    3. Any Bed (red flag or not) that is noted by the Bed Monitoring Committee to have vegetables going to waste shall have a portion of their ready and matured vegetable harvested for the weekly donation.
  • End of season cleanup:
    1. Your Garden Bed must be winterized by November 30 of each year, at the latest.
      However, your garden must be weed free & maintained throughout the full season.
    2. All supporting structures need to be secured or taken away.
    3. It is highly recommended that gardeners cover their beds with weed barrier, straw or leaves/ bark chips [NOTES: Oak leaves are very nutritious and bugs hate cedar chips].
    4. Surrounding paths must be weeded, mowed or otherwise clear of weeds.
  • Meetings:

The Board of Trustees meets on the second Wednesday of each month to consider problems, rules, share information, plan events, and conduct such other business as deemed appropriate. All gardeners are welcome.

  • Questions?

Gert, Secretary, Chair of Bed Monitoring Committee: or 516 721 6751

Barbara, Garden President, Bed Monitoring Committee Member: or 631.790.2483

Tish, Board Member, Bed Monitoring Committee: or 516 978-4536

For garden news please check your email, garden bulletin board, or Facebook group: Gateway Gardeners

Swiss chard with pink stems and green lettuce growing
Swiss chard and lettuce
Sunflower head