Vertical Growing, French Marigolds, and Solutions to Ant Hills

Below is a list of the various types of netting and clips demonstrated in the Vertical Growing Workshop.  Be creative and don’t be afraid to try something new to get those crops up off the ground.  Home depot has a variety of up posts that will suit your particular needs.
Johnny’s Tomato Clips
100 for $9.15
Trellinet (substitute for HortaNova Net)
6.5 feet x 30 feet
Trellis Plus
5 Feet x 60 Feet
HortaNova Net
79 inches X 250 feet
Here’s a link to info on French Marigolds, whose role in companion planting is said to repel the dreaded Mexican Bean Beetle.
Ants in your Garden Bed?
Been doing some reading and ants (unless they are fire ants ) are generally beneficials.  Ants like warm dry places, so giving your soil a good soak should relocate them elsewhere without harming them.  Mint leaves crumbled over the soil also might work.
Some more reading material can be found here.
 Regina Dlugokencky
Sunflower head