Time Again for Pot Luck!             It’s safe to be together again outdoors. And haven’t we waited a long time for that?             Saturday, June 26, starting at 6 pm, […]

  • The Gateway Gazette, March 2021

    Gateway Garden to Grow Hot Peppers for Bang Bang Hot Sauce They’ll send us free seeds. We’ll grow the peppers and harvest them, then send the peppers with pre-paid mailers […]

  • Long Island Regional Seed Consortium 3rd Annual Seed Swap

    We are excited to annouce that we will holding our 3rd Annual Seed Swap Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 12-4pm.  Once again, we will be offering, classes, demonstrations, talks as […]

  • Help Bumblebees with Your Garden

    Bumblebees in North America are facing pressures of disease, habitat loss, climate change and the overuse of pesticides. Here’s how gardeners can help:

Sunflower head