Beginner’s Guide To Seed Saving

Everything you need to know to get a repeat performance of your favorite edibles next year without ever buying new seeds again.

If left to them their own devices, fleshy fruits naturally fall to the earth, where some of their seeds sprout when spring arrives again. Saving seeds from these plants mimics nature’s way—and it’s not at all difficult to do. But remember that only seeds from open-pollinated, not hybrid, plants will produce the same crop next year. (The packet that the original seeds arrived in will tell you whether the variety is open-pollinated or hybrid.)

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Long Island Seed Company

Salt of the Earth Seed Company is unique because the seeds we sell you come from our own farm, Invincible Summer Farms. The seed is in turn used by our farm in fresh production. We go through a rigorous trialling period before things go into seed production.

We are pleased to be offering our heirloom tomato, eggplant and pepper plants once again!

Our customers include the finest restaurants in the NYC area with critically acclaimed chefs, so we can vouch for the high quality of both our seeds and produce.

All our seed is open pollinated or heirloom and made to be freely shared and improved upon as humans have been doing for centuries. We are sustainable from seed to fork!

All seed we offer is currently being grown by Invincible Summer Farms in Southold, NY. Future partnerships with other seed producers will also have farm of origin labels because we believe you should know exactly where your seed is coming from.

Salt of the Earth Seed Company collaborates with the Long Island Regional Seed Consortium to educate, advocate and foster our local seed system.