Vegetable beds



It was early July in the hot summer of 2010 when dozens of volunteers completed the first phase of the Garden. Today, the garden is one of the largest on Long Island, with 115 garden beds for children, adults and people with physical limitations. Each year, tons of organic vegetables grow here in neat rows of boxes, graced by gorgeous murals and plantings of flowers. The garden has won two Beautification Awards from Huntington Town.

The garden has also created a dozen part-time jobs; provided an opportunity for recreation, exercise, and social contact; helped the community fight diet-related diseases like diabetes; reduced family food costs; and been a teaching laboratory for hundreds of local children.

Come for a visit! The garden is open to the public every day, from sunrise to sunset. (Please note: the vegetables belong to the gardener assigned to each box. No picking, please!)


To provide a place for Huntington families to grow organic vegetables, without the use of poisons or synthetic fertilizers, for better nutrition and health; to foster goodwill and connections among gardeners of diverse backgrounds and ages and thereby the community; to provide programs for adult and child gardeners that increase awareness of the environment and the skills of gardening, which are a safeguard against hunger; to enhance the beauty of the surrounding neighborhood; to fight hunger by providing a portion of the harvest each week to food shares and food banks.

Sunflower with long stem
Sunflower head