How To Have a Weed-Free Garden With No Work!

How To Have a Weed-Free Garden With No Work!

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Have you ever thought of a weed free garden and thought to yourself,  “impossible!“. Well think those thoughts no more. Hundreds of thousands of gardens go left and neglected because gardeners get discouraged by weeds. What I am going to explain in this blog post just two HIGHLY effective ways to not only grow MORE food in LESS SPACE, but also prevent weeds without lifting a finger! (warning: Some initial finger lifting may be needed.)  If you want a garden like the picture below, and are tired of weeds once and for all, then scroll down and keep reading. You won’t be forced to buy anything, and I promise you will like how simple and easy it is. Not to mention Organic! mominthegarden

  1. Mulch. Mulching your plants is one of the most effective ways to not only build the soil over time, but help to retain moisture and suppress weeds. The key is all in the kind of mulch. A mulch that is too thick and heavy won’t break down, and it is a pain in the butt to work with. A mulch that is too thin does not suppress weeds and can easily be smashed down compressing it into almost nothing. “So what is the right type of mulch to use in the garden?” CHIPPED WOOD. Chipped wood is not put through a shredder, but is instead put through a chipper. There is a big difference in the quality as you can see.chipped_woodchunkedwood

The difference as you can hopefully see between shredded wood or what many call “wood chips” (left) and chipped wood (right) is the texture and size. This is why the right mulch will make your life SO MUCH EASIER! The smaller particles will sift down through the mulch and begin to decompose faster, the thicker larger pieces will stay up and protect the soil from sun and evaporation. The larger shredded stuff  just has too much air, is too thick, and will never break down. Not to mention it hurts your feet to walk on! Ouch! Splinters! It also is a habitat for slugs and other nasty garden pests! “Where do you get chipped wood?” Chipped wood can be found for FREE from most tree companies. Believe it or not, when they haul out trees, they actually pay someone to grab it! So if they are in your local area, they would be happy to drop off as much as you want! Just ask around, because some use chippers and others use shredders. JUST REMEMBER – Chippers make chips, shredders make shreds.

2. High intensity gardening. High intensity gardening sounds more like a combination of the latest workout routine and applying it to gardening, however it is very much something totally different. The act of high intensity gardening is to take normal “traditional” spacing and throw it out the window with total disregard. High intensity gardening is what I have found to be hands down the most effective way to stop weeds in their path. The secret is in why weeds have become so strong. Weeds are plants, and they need 4 things to grow very well and so do your vegetables, the only thing different is that your weeds do a much better job at getting these 4 necessities than your vegetables do. They are: food (nutrients), Water, Sun, and Root space. Remember the story about Achilles heel? Your weeds are Achilles. However instead of just having a heel as their weak point, any of the 4 necessities are their week point! Take out one weak point and the whole plant is doomed.

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